Event -- Familiarisation Event - Special Constable

July 25th 2024

07:00 PM

Could you become a Special Constable?

Special Constables are part time, voluntary Police Officers who work in some of the most important areas of modern policing.

As a fully trained Special Constable, you will have Police powers, wear a Police uniform and work alongside regular Police Officers and Police Staff to reduce crime, help communities and provide investigative assistance.

If you already have a career that you love but have always wanted to be a Police Officer, this part-time voluntary role is perfect for you!

Working as a Special Constable you have the chance to make a valuable contribution to your local community, bringing varied skills and experience to the role. You will also have opportunities to specialise in specific areas of policing along with opportunities to progress to Special Sergeant and Special Inspector over time. Being a Special Constable is a great stepping stone for furthering your career, whether in the police or developing your role elsewhere.

Once you apply you will be able to tell us which areas you would prefer to be based in. Please note that while we are not able to guarantee you will be offered a position in your first choice area, where possible we will endeavour to offer a position based on your preferences and location.

Please register no later than 12:00 midday on Thursday 18th July 2024 to secure a space. If you miss this deadline further familiarisation events are available.
Special Constable
Staffordshire Police Headquarters, Weston Road, Stafford, ST18 0YY
Di Wright

July 18th 2024