Traditionally, having experience of uniform policing was the only way to become a detective constable, until now …


As an organisation, we're really pleased to announce that we have an exciting opportunity for you to join us directly as a DC. If you’re passionate about solving crime, uncovering the truth and have the compassion and skills to deal with difficult situations then we want to hear from you!



Be 18 years or over.

Have a degree in any subject.

Hold a full UK driving licence.


What does a detective constable do?


It's a really challenging role, but we are sure you'll find it to be incredibly rewarding – you'll help make Staffordshire a safer place to live, serve our local communities, and strive to achieve the right outcome for victims and their families.


Detective constables and police constables have the same rank. They have different operational roles, but there are also lots of similarities too, albeit detectives don't wear a uniform. Detective constables ultimately deal with serious and complex investigations. In this interesting and exciting role, you will be working on varied investigations, which could include serious assaults, domestic abuse, fraud, burglary, robbery and knife crime. You could be working to safeguard a child or adult, and you could be pushing a case through the courts, ensuring that you get the right outcomes for the victim, their family and making your community safer.


Being a detective is all about uncovering the truth, while identifying and managing any risks. You'll do this by analysing evidence, talking to witnesses and building trust within the community. You will talk to lots of different people, and have the compassion and skills to deal with some difficult situations.


You'll work very closely with your uniform colleagues and like them, need to police Staffordshire24/7, so you'll be working shifts too. You'll be out making arrests, undertaking search warrants, searching people and places, dealing with conflict and also responding directly to certain crimes. It's not an office-based role and it's also not what is always portrayed in T.V dramas, albeit it is definitely interesting, varied and you'll deal with some very tough situations.

It is advised that you read through the attached FAQ's to familiarise yourself with details relating to the role and recruitment process.

Once the vacancy has closed, you will receive a separate email containing details of the next stages.

Please note that if successful for this role, the following tests and checks will be conducted:
  • Job related fitness test 
  • Medical assessment 
  • Biometric vetting
  • Higher level vetting 

This opportunity is closed to applications.